Penelopads and Penelopads Plus are eco-friendly pads for pets. Multi-purpose by design, our pet pads are Reversible, durable, machine-washable, and waterproof. Penelopads are a perfect accessory for every pet! 


Penelopads are constructed using three layers of fabric: the top and bottom layers are made of soft flannel, and the middle layer is a waterproof lining.

Penelopads come in three standard sizes*:

Small (16” x 20”)
Medium (22” x 24”)
Large (24” x 42”)


Penelopads Plus

Penelopads Plus are designed specifically for senior pets, disabled pets, or any pet that needs more cushioning. As we like to say, Penelopads Plus provide “More Cush for the Tush”.

Penelopads Plus are made with three more layers of fabric (compared to our regular Penelopads), as well as a layer of 100% cotton fleece, a layer of 100% cotton terrycloth, and a layer of 100% cotton calico.

Penelopads Plus come in one standard size:

Penelopads Plus (18” x 22”) 


Custom-sized orders are always welcome

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